A fitness model wearing tie-dye contour leggings with a scrunch effect, highlighting her curves and enhancing her figure. These stylish and functional leggings are perfect for workouts. Available now!


Scrunch bum leggings are leggings which are ruched, creating a scrunch effect between the buttocks. Scrunch leggings use a special sewing technique where the material pinches just below the tailbone (in between the glutes) to accentuate the shape of the booty. The fabric essentially gathers where the buttocks separate, pulling the material slightly to show off your fabulous glutes. In simpler terms, it it enhances your curves, and when combined with high-waisted styles, the effect is eye popping.




Scrunch bum leggings are designed to enhance your shape, highlighting your best assets so that you can feel confident when working out. The perfect partner for leg day, ruched bum leggings help to create a peachiness that is ideal for when you’re working on a glute pump.

To be more specific, scrunch bum leggings have specialised elasticated panels which cover your glutes, pushing your bum up. This butt lift puts everything in place, making your bottom appear curvier and rounder, but also lifted. The ruched seam helps to add the volume and the shape, so between the two, you have the perfect combination, and the perfectly shaped booty.

Our selection of scrunch bum gym leggings and shorts are complemented with an elasticated high waistband to enhance your figure even further, which also keeps the leggings firmly in place, whether you’re deadlifting a PB, doing RDLs or smashing through a HIIT session.



 Some may find that the scrunch takes a little getting used to at first, but our scrunch bum gym leggings are designed to be ultra-comfortable to work out in, as well as offering squat proof qualities. You can find ruched bum leggings created with our seamless stretch fabric that allows you full freedom of movement whilst sweat wicking finishes help to keep you dry and cool, allowing you to lift comfortably with minimal distractions while looking amazing.

Wearing gym leggings which make you look and feel great is so beneficial for your confidence when working out. Typically speaking, when we feel more confident, we are more positively motivated and tend to get more out of our workout. The more we work out, the better we feel, the more confident we are, and so it continues: a wonderful circle of growing positivity.



Our scrunch bum leggings and shorts (aka tie-dye contour leggings and shorts), are available in 3 colors, classic black to vibrant purple and green. Our high waisted tie dye contour leggings combine figure enhancing fits designs that are stunning enough to wear in and out of the gym.

So, if you opt for a matching a sports bra to complete the set, we recommend wearing something that shows off the figure enhancing effects of scrunch bum leggings. After all, you work hard for it, why not show it off.



To choose correct leggings can seem impossible as there are so many to choose from. We will therefore highly recommend to try our tie-dye contour leggings and shorts, as they have all the great features a scrunch bum leggings and shorts should have; it’s seamless, comfy, stretchy, sweat wicking, squat proof, flattering, figure enhancing, with shaping effect, high-waisted, versatile to all body types and versatile for everyday use.



1. Enhances Your Figure!

Scrunch leggings enhances your curves and will make you feel better and more confident during your workout. The scrunch effect will shape your booty whithout being see-through.

2. Soft and Comfortable

The leggings are soft and feel comfortable against your skin, thanks to the material thats consists of nylon and elastane. The material is well suited for training with both low and high intensity.

3. High Waist and Excellent Ventilation

D-Lula scrunch butt leggings (tie-dye contour leggings) feature a high waist that doesn't feel overly tight. Plus, they offer exceptional breathability, making them a definite go-to choice for leggings. You can find them here.

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